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From:  Policard church

To: Nebraska EFC Group

Month: April 2017


Dear family in Christ, today is great privilege for us in Policard church to find this opportunity, on behalf of the committee and I, to write you this letter. How are you doing?  How are your church activities going? For us, by the grace of God, everything is doing well because our savior Jesus Christ never let us alone and always sends his Spirit to visit us in our home. I hope it is the same for all of you in Nebraska.


The purpose of this letter is just to thank you all once again for all you have done for us. Recently the committee of the church have gathered to enumerate all the projects that we have accomplished from the end of 2016 to 2017.  What we could see, and count, was blessings from God through you. Your name is always on our tongue and we praise God for your ministry that you get involved in. From the sponsored  children up to our parsonage we join our voices in Policard church to thank you very much. You are really a blessing. Seeing ourselves, we have nothing, so we can not give back to you anything but our prayer. So may God keep pouring all sorts of blessings upon you. Here is the link to some videos of  Thanks from Madame Pastor Senat


Regarding our church activities, the most of all is the christian faith that is growing up with great motivation to serve God this year. Our weekly services are always full with people, mostly in adoration service on Sunday. The evangelization groups of the church are working so hard to bring more people to come to know Christ in the district.  We had with MEBSH the 81st convention where a great amount of people from Policard church moved to Cayes, partly in Simon Tabernacle, to praise the name of our great God for a week. There, many sermons were shared by some great speakers . The theme that was dealt was found in the book of Romans 12 v 1-2. Right after the convention we started with a week of celebration of Easter and ended it with baptisms and a concert . Now we have 10 more baptized members.  Praise God for these souls.


For the school… last week was a week of the exams.  This week the school is closed for two reasons, for Easter and for MEBSH convention. Some of the goats are giving babies, and as a result the children are very happy.


This is all about policard church for this month. As you know, you are all on the top of our prayer list which means we never stop praying for you. We love you so much through the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. Hello to everyone, and much blessings.



Past Jean Louis Senat